Cyber Security Challenge Belgium

A cyber security contest for Belgian students.


I got to participate with this contest thanks to SIN. It was my first ever CTF competition, but it was one I'll never forget. The adrenaline rush we got from every flag we found was unique. There were a lot of different and fun challenges. It definitely sparked my interest in cyber security and CTF challenges.

Result year 1

Our team consisted mostly out of first year students. So it was a real victory to us when we got to go to the next round. This took place at the Royal Military Academy, Brussels. The venue was amazing, as was the atmosphere. For a first CTF competition we were more than happy when we managed to get the 34th place (see finals 2019). We're really excited for the next edition.

29 March, 2019

Result year 2

After how well it went the first year, we couldn't not participate again. My team and I gathered again and it was as nice as the first time. There was some more competition from our school this year, but we did manage to get our place in the finals again. After this we had to wait until October for the finals due to COVID-19. This didn't stop us from getting 34th place yet again. (see online CTF finals 2020).

02 October, 2020

Result year 3

Third time's the charm, my team and I met up for a last time to participate with the CSCBE. Got through the first round and then missed the finals by 10pts. This year however we managed to get a prize due to our efforts in the CSI game that was organised. We ended up in 30th place. (see online finals 2021).

26 March, 2021