Exploiting Windows AD


Throwback is an Active Directory (AD) lab that teaches the fundamentals and core concepts of attacking a Windows network. The network simulates a realistic corporate environment that has several attack vectors you would expect to find in today’s organisations.

The lab uses a structured, hand-held approach to guide users through exploiting the network. The use of Windows to manage authentication and user identities in IT infrastructure today is so commonly used; as an aspiring security practitioner, it’s crucial to understand how this works and the network’s common weaknesses.


Hacking the Throwback network was one of coolest things I did. For me it was the first time that I came in contact with a 'real' network. It was extremely cool to get this close to pentesting. I put a lot of time and effort in this lab, but I really learned a lot of new tools, attacks and strategies. You can view my certificate of completion below.

11 October, 2020